Thu January 3, 2013

Colorado's Marijuana Task Force Begins Crafting Regulations

Colorado voted in November to regulate marijuana like alcohol. Now, state officials are starting to work on just how to do that.

Two smaller groups within the state’s marijuana task force are meeting Thursday, their first meeting of 2013.

One group is looking at consumer safety, while the other is considering whether pot should be treated like alcohol or like medical marijuana – a decision that could impact how big the industry could become in the state.

Governor John Hickenlooper appointed the task force last month to examine how Colorado moves ahead regulating a drug that's illegal under federal law. Law enforcement, government officials and marijuana growers and advocates are among those making up the task force [.pdf], which held its first meeting in December. 

The various work groups have a short deadline. Their suggestions about regulation are due back to the governor by Feb. 28.

Meanwhile, a Denver Post article says some drug policy experts are asking what effect legal marijuana will have on alcohol use - will users substitute one for the other, or use both together?