Sat November 10, 2012
Garden Report

CSU Trial Garden Results

The results are in from this year’s annual flower trial garden at Colorado State University.  KUNC Gardener Tom Throgmorton has more on the top growing plants that could be incorporated into your garden next year.

CSU has announced the top performing flowers in their annual flower trials. This was the 12th season the flowers were planted in the traffic stopping garden along College Avenue in Fort Collins. The gardens are a blooming, popular attraction.

KUNC Gardener Tom Throgmorton comments on this year's winners.

A committee of flower seed and plant companies, public garden horticulturalists and growers oversee the trial gardens. The plant and seed companies and growers fund the garden. They also furnish plants and supplies. The CSU Department of Horticulture plants and maintains the trial gardens.

The flowers are judged by CSU Faculty and students, green industry professionals and Master Gardeners. Over 1,000 different varieties were planted and evaluated in 2012.

‘Superbells Lemon Slice’ - Best Calibrachoa
Credit Colorado State University/ with permission

The best performing hybrid begonia was `Whopper Rose with Green Leaf.’ It grew well in the sun. It had an upright habit and large rose flowers.

Calibrachoa `Superbells Lemon Slice’ had larger flowers than other calibrachoa.  It was excellent in container trials. A great plant for hanging baskets.

'Caliente Fire’ - Best Geranium
Credit Colorado State University/ with permission

`Christy Yellow Improved’ marigold rated well late into the growing season. It has a compact growth habit which kept it from lodging or falling over. It has prolific yellow flowers.

`Caliente Fire’ was the highest rated zonal geranium. It has fire-red blooms and dark green leaves. It is a larger plant for more impact in the garden.

`Whispers Star Rose’ petunia is a spreading variety. The flowers were smaller but continuously prolific. The plant creates a carpet of bright rose flowers.

`Uptown White Wall’ is a uniform growing zinnia. It bloomed with clear white flowers throughout the season and into the fall.

Try these top growing plants from the trial garden in your garden next spring. Check out the CSU trial gardens next season for fun and inspiration.


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