Tue June 11, 2013

Despite Boycott Threat, Hunters Still Coming To Colorado

A boycott of Colorado by hunters upset over new gun laws has so far failed to materialize.

As we previously reported, hunters and gun rights activists planned to target the state over new laws requiring background checks for most private and online gun sales, and limiting ammunition magazines to 15 rounds. The consequences started earlier this year -- practically before the Governor's signature on the measures had dried.

A handful of hunting outfitters were hit with cancelations. Several gun accessory and ammunition manufacturers announced they were planning to relocate all or part of their operations to other states.

The legislation has also prompted efforts to recall four Democratic lawmakers who were instrumental in getting the new laws passed.

But the fallout may be over – at least when it comes to the hunting boycott. Wildlife officials say they see no signs hunters across the country are staying away. In fact, big game applications have increased by 18,000 over last year.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife processed 469,000 applications this spring, compared with 451,000 applications submitted in 2012. 

Those figures don’t necessarily forecast the number of hunters actually in the field this fall, because they don’t include licenses available over the counter in many places to in-state and out-of-state hunters. 

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