Sat October 6, 2012

Drought Conditions In Colorado Persist Into Fall

Dry conditions are likely to continue in the Rocky Mountain Region through at least December. That’s according to a new forecast from the Western Governors’ Association.

According to the forecast, weak El Nino conditions are likely to develop in the fall and linger through early winter. An El Nino year typically includes above-average precipitation in the southwestern U.S. but that isn’t expected this year.

According to the Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook [.pdf] Colorado and Wyoming had the warmest summer on record this year and wildfires burned about 3 and a half million acres across the western and central U.S. this summer.

Credit U.S. Drought Monitor

This week’s U.S. Drought Monitor shows the entire state continues to experience moderate to exceptional drought conditions.

The portion of the state experiencing exception drought conditions decreased by .49% falling to 16.40% this week. The percentage of Colorado experiencing severe or extreme drought conditions fell from 61.75 % to 55.48%. 

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