Mon July 16, 2012

As Drought Spreads So Do Water Restrictions

Why does it depend on where you live if you can water your lawn?

Denver has joined a long list of Colorado communities that are now enforcing their water restrictions with monetary fines. However, with 98 percent of the state in various levels of drought, where you live dictates how much water you can use.

Taryn Hutchins-Cabibi, from the Colorado Water Conservation Board says the state does not decide where the water will go, rather each community implements their own water restrictions on a "case by cast situation."

Towns across Colorado have implemented voluntary bans, but Steamboat Springs, Greeley and Denver now have mandatory bans. Not all cities give warnings for the first offense, so the first time water users find out may be from a ticket on their door or in the mail.

The restrictions will remain in effect until the end of the summer.