Mon November 21, 2011

EdNews: Colorado Readies Next R2T Bid

Hoping the third time’s a charm, Colorado officials are getting ready to submit their latest application for federal Race to the Top funds, which state officials want to spend on development of the new educator evaluation system.

Department of Education executives expect to learn Wednesday how much money the state will eligible for in the third “consolation” round of R2T. Just six weeks ago the state filed an application for $60 million in funding from another, separate R2T program that’s focused on early learning.

There’s a lot less money on the table this time – only $200 million to be split among Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Colorado’s projected share is up to $12.5 million, although that could go higher of other states don’t apply or are found ineligible.

The full story, including a summary of the early learning application for the second round of R2T can be found at Education News Colorado. [source: Todd Engdahl, Colorado Readies Next R2T Bid]