Fri November 9, 2012

Energized by Election Night Victory, CO House Democrats Push For New ASSET Bill

Democratic State Representative Crisanta Duran of Denver is urging lawmakers to pass an ASSET bill early next legislative session to offer a special college tuition rate for undocumented students who graduate from Colorado high schools.

Speaking to community leaders at a charter school in Denver, Representative Duran says passing a new Colorado ASSET bill offering tuition help to undocumented students should be a top priority for the Colorado State House next year.

“The time is now to pass Coloardo ASSET and the time is now for us to work together and bring this country together and lead forward regardless for all students regardless of your background." 

Senate Democrats have passed similar bills creating a tuition rate for undocumented students falling between the in-state rate and out of state tuition cost, but house Republicans defeated them.

New Assistant House Minority Leader Republican Libby Szabo says until an actual bill is put forward, Republicans are taking a wait and see approach to possible legislation which could be introduced when lawmakers return to the state house in January.

“And then we can have these conversations as to what our caucus agrees with or disagrees with and what amendments will come to accept or not accept these issues.”

However, with Democrats now controlling both chambers of the Colorado Legislature, Representative Crisanta Duran says lawmakers in her party are confident the ASSET bill will pass next session.