Sat March 10, 2012
Weekend Audition

Entering a Trance....

Bornean-born Zee Avi immerses herself into singing and dancing and drumming -- in her song, "Concrete Wall." Music can put you in a trance....

A Christmas hit from a Western Pacific artist? Curiously, yes! Interest spiked on YouTube in 2007 for Zee Avi's song, "No Christmas for Me." Her career blossomed. It's fascinating to watch this 26-year-old Malaysian, also known as KokoKaina, in music from her newest album, Ghostbird.

The Broadway musical, "Wicked," has cast a spell on many audiences, and is coming to Denver in April! This award-winning musical grew out of a novel imagining a Wicked Witch of the West who's misunderstood and victimized. How's that for a twist? This video remixes the popular song from the First Act, "Defying Gravity," well-named if your transport is a magical broomstick.

More fun now. Are you among the ten million past viewers entranced by this "A Touch of Class" performance? A Russian pop group originated the piece. Yes, being in a trance via dance aerobics here sounds oxymoronic. Marvelous lip-syncing of those intricate lyrics. It's so bad it's good.


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