Thu November 22, 2012
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Flying This Thanksgiving? TSA Says Bring the Pie, Ditch the Gravy

Bringing home leftovers is as much a Thanksgiving tradition as watching football. But if you’re flying, you should know what’s allowed through the airport security checkpoint – lest you be forced to chuck that container of homemade gravy or leftover pieces of pumpkin pie.

The Transportation Security Administration has advice on traveling with food at their website. They say pies (and cakes) are allowed – but expect them to be subject to additional screening. (That does NOT include a ‘taste test,’ apparently.)

As for other Thanksgiving staples like gravy, soup and cranberry sauce, most will need to be put in checked baggage. Or, you can bring 3.4 ounces of them on board – but why bother with that amount?

Here’s a partial list of food items on the TSA’s no-fly list:

  • Cranberry sauce
  • Gravy
  • Jams, jellies, maple syrup
  • Soup
  • Wine, liquor and beer
  • Gift baskets with food items like salsa and jams

Find the full list here.

Check the wait time at DIA before you go.