Thu August 22, 2013

#FoodChatting About Farmers Markets

Community Supported Agriculture allows consumers buy a share of a farmers produce, and sometimes brings in some unique items. Twitter user @JBooneClemmons says that can be daunting: "I have personally never been part of a CSA because I am worried about waiting things I am not sure how to cook."
Credit Sakurai Midori / wikimedia commons

Curious about what’s happening online in the food scene? Four years ago, a new hashtag popped up in the Twittersphere - #foodchat is where consumers and producers can talk.

The AgChat Foundation started weekly hosted conversations on Twitter, using #AgChat and #FoodChat to keep everyone on the same page. People interested in agriculture and food production can submit questions, and then farmers, ranchers, food advocates and others provide the answers.

The idea is that the growing divide between field and plate was detrimental to the farming community, and social media can be a way to spur conversation and subsequently, understanding.

The latest #FoodChat focused on Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and farmers markets. We previously looked as CSA’s and questions around size and just the everyday business, so I felt like I could add some insight to the conversation. I joined the conversation a few questions in.

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What about you? Have you participated in a CSA? What was your experience like? Tell us about it in the comments below.