Tue July 5, 2011

In Forbes.com Ranking, Fort Collins-Loveland Area Makes Top Five

According to a new Forbes.com listing, Western cities—including the Fort Collins-Loveland region and Denver—are among the best places to do business in the country.

The survey ranked 200 of the largest metro areas on the costs of living and doing business, projected job growth and crime rates.

City of Fort Collins spokesperson Kim Newcomer says a diverse economy helped the location land No. 5 on the list.

“It’s really rewarding from a city perspective to see efforts recognized in our cluster activities, some of the economic health initiatives. That is the result of a city initiative but a community initiative,” she says.

Forbes ranked Denver as No. 9 on the list. Other western cities like Austin, San Antonioand Dallas, Texas and Provo, Utah ended up in the top 10.

Raleigh North Carolina was No. 1. Forbes reports that a common theme for the highly ranked cities was a strong university presence and entrepreneurial activity.