Mon February 18, 2013

Fort Collins To Consider Fracking Ban

Fort Collins city council members will consider two options Tuesday that could ban the practice of hydraulic fracturing inside city limits.

The first one would refer a ban to voters who could make the decision in an April 2nd election. The second—proposed by council member Gerry Horak—is a ban ordinance that would be initiated by council members.

Horak says that his proposal has more flexibility.

“Since this is an issue that has continuing shifting sands for what’s happening for the Colorado Oil and Gas Commission, what the state legislature is doing, exc, it then gives future councils and management the ability to shift quickly,” he says.

Credit City of Fort Collins Presentation

Both options would exempt current well operators from the ban—a move Horak says may help Fort Collins avoid a lawsuit. Longmont is currently embroiled in two lawsuits after voters approved a ban on fracking last November.

Fort Collins is currently in the middle of a moratorium on new oil and gas development, which expires July 31.