Mon July 25, 2011

Gardner, Tipton Not Worried about Threats of Default

Members of Congress are hoping to avert public panic as the country is now just a week away from defaulting on its debt for the first time ever. But the message from freshmen Republican members of Colorado’s delegation is “don’t worry.”

Eastern Colorado Representative Cory Gardner says he wants to reassure people that Congress will not let the nation’s economy implode.

“This country will not default. The president will make the determination on what to do if there is no agreement but we will not default. This congress, we will come to a solution,” says Gardner.

Scott Tipton represents Western Colorado. He says he’s been getting calls from constituents demanding Congress get the nation’s fiscal house in order.

“And I’m talking to people that are having to balance their budgets around the kitchen table, small businesses that are struggling and they’re expecting Washington to be able to do the same thing.”

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner warns that failure to raise the debt ceiling would be catastrophic.

Mary Kay Mallonee – Capitol News Connection