Fri March 9, 2012
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Germany's Biggest Tabloid Bids Farewell To Topless Page One Girl

Der Spiegel says it best:

"Ta Ta! German Tabloid Strips Front Page of Daily Nude"

On the occasion of International Women's Day, Bild said goodbye to its 28-year tradition of publishing a topless model on its front page.

Of course, the historic moment was marked in today's edition with a big headline, and, well, with the two-column assets of "the beautiful Eva from Poland," who will be the last topless model on the front page.

Der Spiegel reports:

"According to Bild, the decision to scrap the tradition was made by male staff members during an International Women's Day experiment that saw the paper's women sent home and the men left to produce the paper alone.

"Bild's men described the challenge in Apollo-mission terms: 'It may be a small step for women. But it's a giant step for Bild and all men in Germany.'

The AP reports that more than 5,000 women have appeared on the cover since 1984.

The Los Angeles Times spoke to Tobias Froehlich, a spokesman for Axel Springer, the multimedia company that owns Bild. He said he doesn't think removing the feature will lead to less sales.

Also, it sounds like the buxom beauties are just moving to the inside pages.

"Bild reassured its readers Friday that it would continue publishing 'sexy' photos — just 'more modern, and better packaged in the inside pages of the paper,'" the Times reports.

The Newseum has a pdf of today's cover. BE WARNED: The link is not safe for work.

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