Sat October 20, 2012

Greeley Residents Save 96 Million Gallons Of Water

Following a summer of wildfires and drought, Greeley city officials asked homeowners to voluntarily stop watering their lawns Oct. 1, two weeks earlier than normal, to conserve water for next year. In just two weeks, residents saved roughly 96 million gallons of water, or enough to supply 640 homes for a year.

Natalie Stevens, spokeswoman for Greeley’s water department, told the Greeley Tribune they were happy with the results, which will ensure more water in Greeley’s reservoirs for next year.

The water savings estimate is based on a five-year average of how much water is used during this time of year, according to a release. Compared with just last year, the savings is even higher, with 111 million gallons saved  or enough to supply 740 homes for a year.

Normal watering restrictions allow customers to water their trees and shrubs on warmer days during the winter, which is recommended because of this year’s dry conditions.

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