Tue October 9, 2012

Heavy Winds Scrub 'Fearless Felix's' Launch

Heavy winds have scrubbed the second launch attempt Tuesday for Felix Baumgartner.

Update 11:54 a.m.: via Red Bull Stratos on Twitter

Update 11:42 a.m.: Winds have picked up and mission control has aborted the launch for today.

Here's a screencap of Joe Kittenger informing Baumgartner of the abort decision.

Credit YouTube.com

Update 11:05 a.m.: via Red Bull Stratos on Twiter



After a weather delay earlier Tuesday morning, weather conditions have improved to where the 22 mile skydive is a 'go.' 

The current status on the Red Bull Stratos website says:

Wind conditions improved. 30 million cf balloon is being laid out. Felix Baumgartner's suit up procedure is complete. Launch @ 11:15 MDT.

The AP has an explanation on the weather delay from this morning. It came courtesy of Don Day, the mission meteorologist. Felix is hoping that there will be a sonic boom during the free-fall jump from almost 22 miles up.

The previous record for this kind of jump was held by Joseph Kittinger. He jumped from a balloon gondola in August 1960 from about 19 and half miles up. Here's some archival footage of that jump via the Internet Archive.