Fri February 4, 2011

Hickenlooper Pushes Tax Code Overhaul

At his latest economic development meeting today in Denver, Governor John Hickenlooper said his administration is committed to keeping Colorado a business-friendly state. And it's likely that push may begin with an attempt to overhaul the state's corporate tax code.

The governor met with ten CEOs of major companies in private this morning, ahead of today's latest regional economic summit at the University of Denver.

Speaking to reporters in between, Hickenlooper said his administration hopes to have a concrete proposal of how to overhaul the state's corporate tax structure within a year. Though he didn't say whether he thought taxes on corporations should go down, or up.

"That's the kind of information we're trying to get of specific examples of those places in our tax code where we can make them more fair, and in the process more successful," Hickenlooper said.

Hickenlooper also expects to have a concrete proposal for how to reduce red tape for all businesses in the next four months. He says the idea is to ensure that Colorado's business climate is competitive with other states.