Fri June 15, 2012

High Park Fire: 181 Homes Confirmed Destroyed [Updated]

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that 181 homes have been destroyed by the High Park fire that started last Saturday.

Update 06/16/2012 5:41pm

The Larimer Sheriff has confirmed that 181 homes have been destroyed.

Updated 06/16/12 10:00 am

The High Park fire is now 54,232 acres and 20% contained. 1,533 firefighters are on scene. The cost of fighting the fire is now $9.1 million. The fire was generally quiet overnight thanks to higher relative humidities in several areas. The 200 acre spot fire that prompted evacuations in the Glacier View area has been anchored with fire line. 195 fire fighters are in this area being supported by air. Attention on the fire will focus in this area today as well as to expand structure protection operations north of the Poudre River.

06/15/12 4:45 pm

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that 112 homes have been destroyed by the 52,068 acre High Park fire that started last Saturday.

Sheriff’s spokesman Nick Christensen says the number is preliminary and will rise.

“We are continuing to assess the conditions and that number will continue to grow. And I don’t mean that we’ll have more home homes destroyed as a result of the ongoing fire, we’re actually assessing the damage that’s occurred up until this time. It’s just taking time go get in there and do that,” says Christensen.

A final assessment of the fire’s initial damage is expected to be completed on Saturday.

Evacuation calls have been made to about 3,000 phones since the fire started. Authorities cannot say how many homes are involved. Evacuation orders have been lifted for about 1,200 of those numbers.

The 52,068 acre fire is only 15% contained. Full containment could be another two to four weeks away. Incident Commander Bill Hahnenberg says Mother Nature will ultimately put the fire out. He says that could take until August.

Updated List of Structures Destroyed in High Park Fire

·         Solider Canyon - 1

·         Missle Silo Rd (29C) - 1

·         Cloudy Pass - 1

·         Picnic Rock - 1

·         Pine Acres - 5

·         Stratton Park - 21

·         Poudre Canyon - 17

·         Spring Valley - 3

·         Old Flowers - 1

·         Whale Rock - 40

·         Paradise Park - 12

·         Tip Top - 2

·         Rist Creek - 7

Total to Date - 112