Sun September 2, 2012

Increased DUI Enforcement Campaign Comes To Close

This is the final weekend of the Colorado Department of Transportation’s "100 days of heat campaign" designed to crack down on drinking and driving.

CDOT Spokeswoman Heather Halpape says there are 72 DUI arrests made each day in Colorado and that number is typically even higher in the summer.

"These holiday periods are always the worst. That's when people have the time and there are a lot of activities where heavy drinking takes place.  That's when law enforcement really ramps up their efforts, over the holidays periods. That way everyone has a fun holiday and doesn't have to worry about putting their lives at risk or possible ending up in jail."

The 100 days of heat campaign began the Friday before Memorial day and runs through the Tuesday after Labor day. There were more than 26,000 DUI arrests across the state in 2011.

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