Sat March 19, 2011
Sunday Puzzle

'Inset' Is Set In The Answer

On-Air Challenge: Every answer is a seven-letter word in which the middle five letters are the letters in the word "inset" in some order. For example, given the first letter F and the last letter S with the clue "what physical exercise promotes," the answer would be "fitness."

Last Week's Challenge: Think of a five-letter girl's name that ends in a "J" sound. Change that to a CH sound to get a five-letter boy's name. What names are these?

Answers: Midge and Mitch

Winner: Joel Zaves of Walnut Creek, Calif.

Next Week's Challenge: From Ed Pegg Jr., who runs the website MathPuzzle.com: Take the phrase "consumer protection laws," and rearrange the letters to name a person in broadcasting and an issue of public debate. Hints: The name of the person in broadcasting has five letters in the first name and five letters in the last name. For the issue of public debate, it's a familiar two-word phrase with seven letters in the first word and five letters in the second. What name and phrase are these?

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