Thu June 7, 2012

Last Night's Severe Storms Pummel Southern Front Range

  • Nathan Heffel for KUNC News this morning on Morning Edition

Storms raged from Colorado Springs to Denver last night bringing in rain, thunderstorms, hail, flash flood warnings and tornadoes.

As you may have heard Nathan Heffel report this morning for KUNC News on Morning Edition, last night brought a lot of wild weather to the south and the metro area. From tornadoes to heavy rain and hail, last night's storm brought everything short of a January blizzard. Although, there are areas that look like they will need to bring out the snow plows this morning.

Clean up will be the first order of business this morning after the storm brought heavy rain and hail in many locations. There are going to be a lot of tired people around the water cooler this morning discussing the weather. This blogger included, as the loud rumble, brilliant flashes of lightning, and the driving rain kept me up last night in Denver.

Here's just some of the pictures, reactions, reports, and video from the storm off of social media:

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