Mon May 23, 2011

Lawsuit Seeks to Overturn Colorado Tax Law

A lawsuit that seeks to overturn Colorado’s strict tax and spending laws was filed Monday in federal court in Denver.

The suit by a bi-partisan group of more than thirty current and former state officials is a challenge to the TABOR, or Taxpayers Bill of Rights law that puts caps on the growth of Colorado state government, and requires voters sign off on every tax measure. 

"It completely hamstrings the ability of the legislature to deal with important budget matters," said attorney and former Congressman David Skaggs. "It’s one reason education in this state is in such a fix."

Skaggs disputes criticisms that the lawsuit seeks to undermine the initiative process in the state.  TABOR was approved by voters in 1992.  Skaggs says the case narrowly targets TABOR which he argues undermines the Constitutional guarantee that every state have a representative democracy.