Sat August 4, 2012
London Olympics

Letters From London: August 4th

Freshly graduated and shipped off to London; Stephen Kasica is on assignment in London for the Olympics. He sent us this missive:

Dear Colorado,

Fun fact: In the Olympic Village, where athletes from competing countries live in group housing similar to college dormitories, the national flags wave from nearly every balcony. It's easy to recognize which buildings houses which country's athletes. Furthermore, on the building with South Korean flags, a gigantic aqua banner that reads "Korea" is draped from the roof on an adjacent balcony-less side. Pretty much every country is accounted for--except the United States. No Star Spangled Banners hang from Team USA's balconies. It's for security reasons, the athletes are told. 

Yours with a Colorado Flag from my balcony,

Stephen Kasica

Stephen is a roaming CU Journalism school student currently in London for the Olympic games. Follow his adventures and misadventures on Twitter: @StephenKasica