Thu August 9, 2012
London Olympics

Letters From London: August 9th

Freshly graduated and shipped off to London; Stephen Kasica is on assignment in London for the Olympics. He sent us this missive:

Dear Colorado,

We both call it English, but there is a world of difference between the Yankee's and Brit's vocabulary. 

For example, on your way to "dinner" (which also means lunch) you might almost get struck by a "people mover" (a mini-van) in a "zebra crossing" (a crosswalk) because it's not driving on the right side of the road. You can order "bangers and mash" wih a side of "chips" (fries) or "bubble or squeak" (cabbage and potatoes fried together). 

And that's only lunch. For breakfast I ordered oatmeal and the waiter replied l, "I don't think we don't have that kind of bread."

Stephen Kasica

Stephen, a Boulder resident and University of Colorado journalism grad, is in London supporting his girlfriend, Shalaya Kipp, at the Olympic Games and reporting for the CU Journalism News Service. Follow his trip through the 2012 London Olympics on Twitter: @stephenkasica