Mon September 10, 2012

More Cuts for HP, Colorado Impact Still Unknown

Hewlett Packard will cut more jobs in an effort to turn the company around. On Monday the computer maker announced an additional 2,000 jobs will be eliminated on top the 27,000 worldwide cuts announced last May.

It’s unclear how May’s cuts and Monday’s news will impact HP’s Colorado operations in Fort Collins. “They’ve been very tight with their employment numbers,” says Steve Lynn who covers technology for the Northern Colorado Business Report. “They won’t release how many people work in Fort Collins. The only estimate we have is from the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation which estimates 12-hundred to 15-hundred people.”

"They've been very tight with their employment numbers."

HP gave no explanation for the latest cuts which showed up in a regulatory filing on Monday. But as before, the company expects that some will come through early retirement.

The computer maker has been hit hard by a shift in technology from PCs and printers to Smartphones and tablets. Last month HP posted its largest loss in its 73 year history.