Fri February 11, 2011

Most Americans File Taxes Electronically, says IRS

The deadline for filing tax returns is still more than 2 months away, but the IRS isn’t mailing out certain tax forms this year, and that’s putting some in a bind.

In previous years, those who filed their taxes via snail mail automatically got paper tax forms the next year. But the IRS put a stop to this procedure because more and more people are filing their tax returns electronically, more than 96 million last year alone.

“The vast majority of tax payers no longer receive tax packages because they either used a paid professional, they use software or they e-file their tax returns,” said Karen Connelly, spokesperson for the IRS. “So last year only 8% of American households received a tax package.”

Connelly says all forms are available on the IRS’s web site. Some post offices and libraries stock the forms, but Connelly recommends calling and checking in advance before visiting a location. This year’s tax deadline is April 18th. 

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