Sat July 27, 2013

New CDOT Project To Prevent Mudslides In Poudre Canyon

Larger culverts like this one will replace smaller ones in Poudre Canyon along Highway 14.
Credit CDOT

The $2.35 million project will replace culverts along Highway 14.

Since the High Park Fire that burned much of the natural ground cover last summer, Highway 14 in the Poudre Canyon west of Fort Collins has been prone to mudslides every time it rains. Now CDOT wants to do more to prevent it.

A $2.35 million project will replace six undersized culverts, those big drain pipes under roads, to help alleviate the possibility of washouts or mudslides. 

CDOT's website says the new culverts will 

"help prevent the loss of the roadway, keep motorists safer, and prevent future highway closures during inclement weather."

Crews will also take preventative measures on the hillsides, such as removing fallen trees and debris.

CDOT will hold public meetings about the project in August. 

The High Park Fire burned about 136 square miles and destroyed 259 homes in 2012.