Mon July 11, 2011

New Report Says U.S. Can Wean Itself from Foreign Oil; Conservationists Cry Foul

A new report finds that within the next decade, the American West has the chance to produce as much oil and natural gas as the U.S. currently imports from other countries. But, energy advocates say there are some challenges.

Denver-based Western Energy Alliance says Colorado can help take a lead role in weaning the us off of foreign oil imports from places like Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Venezuela by 2020. But the so-called Blueprint for Western Energy Prosperity says federal government policies are standing in the way.  Western Energy Alliance Director of Public Affairs, Kathleen Sgamma, says they are suggesting policy changes to address those roadblocks. 

“And these are very broad policy statements and would take much work and thought over many years to actually make those changes. But we’re calling for a thorough and comprehensive review of the entire on-shore leasing process,” she adds.

But some conservation groups say the report is misleading - adding it would not result in energy independence for the U.S. since our largest imports come from Canada and Mexico.  They also call into question EIS Solutions, which conducted the study, saying that it’s a group funding largely by the energy industry.

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