Wed December 7, 2011
US Postal Service

Nine Colorado Post Offices Taken Off Closure List

After alerting dozens of rural post offices across Colorado about proposed closures, the US Postal Service has decided to spare nine locations across the state. More announcements are expected in the coming months as the USPS considers shuttering the offices on a case-by-case basis.

The USPS had called a time out for the proposed post office closures—an estimated 3,700 across the country until after the holidays. But a few Colorado locations got some early news that their offices will be spared. Those towns are: Hoehne, Maybell, Gateway,Jaroso, Pitkin, Sargents,Branson, Rico and New Raymer.

In a notice regarding New Raymer, the USPS said it weighed a variety of factors including public input, distance from the nearest office, and “a lack of other businesses that could sell USPS products and services”.

The news comes the same week that US Postal Service officials announced a new money-saving effort to eliminate more than half of its mail distribution centers and slow first class mail delivery. The USPS is trying to trim a 14 billion deficit.

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