Tue August 12, 2014
Ask About Energy

Northern Colorado Oil And Gas Drilling Explained In 2½ Minutes

Energy development is burgeoning along the Front Range. As more and more Coloradans come into contact with the oil and gas industry there has been some conflict, as well as lots of questions.

For example, just what is the basic drilling process?

In the heated debate over energy development sometimes the basic facts or understanding get lost in the turmoil. One of the things we noticed was that the process of fracking, or hydraulic fracturing, often gets conflated with drilling or has become the catch-all term for energy development. The industry has certainly expressed a frustration with that.

In order to learn more, we visited three oil and gas sites to get an overview of the process: A drilling site, a fracturing operation, and a finished and producing well site. The above video shows what we saw and learned and serves as a basic overview of what is often a very technical process.

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Some of the reporting for this video was supported with a Shale Country Fellowship from the Institutes for Journalism and Natural Resources.