Sun September 2, 2012

Obama Returns to Colorado to Court Student Vote

President Barack Obama will return to the University of Colorado Boulder campus this afternoon in an attempt to inspire younger voters to hit the polls in November. The President also visited campus last April.

Mr. Obama’s remarks are expected to be similar to those delivered on the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins earlier this week, which focused on college affordability, jobs and the economy.

Mr. Obama saw near record turnout with voters in 2008. That year just over 52 percent of young people in Colorado cast a ballot according to CIRCLE, a center at Tufts University that studies young people and politics.

In 2012, an estimated 754,000 18- to 29-year olds in Colorado are eligible to vote in Colorado, a swing state with nine electoral votes. But according to a recent poll by CIRCLE, 68 percent of currently undecided youth voted for Obama in 2008.

With so much at stake the President isn’t leaving anything to chance. In addition to presidential visits, Colorado’s college campuses have also seen events in recent weeks with celebrities Kal Penn and John Cho, who starred in the stoner comedy films, Harold & Kumar.

The duo helped launch the Rocky Mountain Rumble, a friendly competition between CU and CSU students to see who can register the most voters and get young people involved in the campaign.

For the record, Kal Penn is for the Rams. John Cho thinks the Buffs will win.

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