Mon July 23, 2012

Photographic Proof That You Can Climb Mt. Evans On A Unicycle

The Mt. Evans Hill Climb is both the amateurs' and the professional's chance to ride 28 miles up hill and climb up to 14,264 ft. Would you ever do it on a unicycle though?

It seems hard enough on just two wheels, but can you imagine the leg strength and the sense of balance you would need for just ONE ? This image from the annual race was captured by our very own Benji McPhail.

Here's what Benji had to say about the feat:

"This was a photo shot less than a mile from the summit of Mt. Evans. I was following the men’s professional race in support should one of the riders have mechanical problems. Along the way I passed two hand bikes and one rider with a prosthetic leg."

"The course record is 1 hour 41 minutes and 20 seconds established by Tour De France competitor Tom Danielson. Even though this guy’s time was nowhere near that, riding a unicycle from bottom to top may be one of the greatest accomplishments I have ever seen."

Still don't think that it's impressive enough? Have we mentioned the wind?

Here's a video with a 1st person view of what you can expect climbing up Colorado's paved road into the sky: