Tue April 17, 2012
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Poll Shows Hickenlooper Popular in Metro Area, Obama Below 50%

New numbers out this morning from a Colorado pollster show that Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper's approval ratings in the Denver metro area remain a "mile high," but support for President Obama is below 50%. 

The polling conducted by Denver-based Ciruli Associates shows Hick's approval rating at 67% among residents sampled in seven metro-area counties, including Denver and Boulder, while President Obama's approval rating in the same area is hovering at 45%.  This, by the way, is similar to recent national polls on the President's favorability rating and probably highlights why Colorado is once again expected to be a key swing state in 2012

You can check out the full results of Floyd Ciruli's latest poll here

Not really a surprise that the President's approval ratings remain above 70% in the Democratic stronghold of Denver, but interesting that it's only 42% in Arapahoe County.  It's widely thought that suburban county could be the key battleground county within the battleground state. 

Suburban voters and particularly women came out in force to help Mr. Obama win Colorado in 2008, and his support among women appears to be once-again strong nationally. 

Though as Floyd Ciruli put it recently in an interview with me, Mr. Obama is very much vulnerable when it comes to rising gas prices, certainly among the top concerns for suburban women and their households. 

"Not only do voters react very quickly to fuel prices, but as you know it could slow the economy and if it does, Obama is very much tied to the economy,” Ciruli said.