Sat February 19, 2011
Sunday Puzzle

A President Is Present

On-Air Challenge

Each word you are given conceals the name of a U.S. president in left-to-right order, but the letters are not consecutive. For example, given the clue "hairdressing, in seven letters," the answer would be "Harding."

Last Week's Challenge

From Jack Jaiven of Highland Beach, Fla.: Name a world capital. Add the letter R, and rearrange the letters to name two U.S. presidents. What is the world capital and who are the presidents?

Answer: Bucharest. (Add an R to get Bush and Carter.)

Winner: John White of West Chester, Pa.

Next Week's Challenge

Spell a part of the human body. Change one of the letters to an E, and rearrange the result to name another part of the human body. What body parts are these? Clue: Both parts of the body are things you can see.

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