Mon June 13, 2011
Program Changes

Program Changes

Thanks to everyone who’s written me and left comments here on the website about the program changes.  I appreciate your feedback and your passion for KUNC.  Let me say that making any change in the schedule is always difficult.  That’s because there will always be some people excited by the changes and others who are disappointed.  Below is an explanation of why we made the changes we did.

KUNC’s Diverse Music has seen fewer and fewer listeners over the past years.  This also happened during a time when our signal expanded reaching more people.  Quite simply we weren’t seeing the audience grow-- in fact it was shrinking. We saw that a large percentage of our audience was turning to other music stations once Morning Edition was over, so the Diverse Music we were offering was not satisfying what the majority of our listeners wanted.  At the same time more people have been listening to World Café on KUNC.  I felt that it should be in a more prominent spot on the schedule.

There have been a few comments that these changes came about due to the passing of Kyle Dyas.  Actually, Kyle was involved in these changes initially and was excited about the music.  I think if you look through the last week’s playlists for our music you’ll still find many things that you won’t find on any other station in the area.

We did move up the start of All Things Considered to 2 pm in the afternoon.  This allowed an additional 3 pm airing of Marketplace, one of our most listened to programs.  It also allowed us to add The World at 6pm.

Some people have questioned repeats of programs like Marketplace, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and All Things Considered.  While we’ve heard from many people who listen to KUNC all day long, the vast majority of listeners tune in for short periods throughout the day, and repeated airings of popular programs offers more opportunities for more of our audience to hear them.

Again, I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on the program changes.  If you have additional questions you can email me at Kirk.Mowers@kunc.org