Wed February 8, 2012

Proposal Seeks Incentives For Film Production In Colorado

CINEMA, or “Colorado Innovators of New Entertainment Media and Arts” held a rally on the steps of the state capital Wednesday to promote a proposal which calls for increasing tax breaks for film companies from 10% to 20%.

The rally was in conjunction with Colorado Cinema Day 2012.

 The group has been promoting the benefit of bringing movies to Colorado, by creating YouTube videos highlighting issues facing the state's film industry.


Speaking on the house floor in honor of Colorado Cinema Day, Representative Nancy Todd (D-Aurora) said Colorado’s lower tax benefits force film students educated here to go to states with better incentives like Arizona and Utah for work.

“They can’t get a job in Colorado because we’re not really promoting the film industry.”

Movies like 2005's "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" (filmed in Glenwood Springs) and 2002's "About Schmidt " (filmed in Boulder) set up production in Colorado despite the state's poor tax incentives. Supporters of the new proposal say films bring work to the state and help local economies.

A bill introduced last year to boost Colorado’s film incentives with an optional 10 cent fee on movie tickets failed.