Mon March 7, 2011

Rebate Offers Top 2010 Consumer Complaints in Colorado

The Colorado Attorney General’s Office has released statistics for the top consumer complaints of 2010 and the first two months of 2011.  Scam rebate offers topped the list.

Consumer complaints to the attorney general’s office have increased steadily over the last several years.  They are up 37% over 2009 and 117% over the number of complaints in 2008.  The same thing has topped the list two years running. 

“Our top type of complaint by type of business is rebate offers, primarily something called National Energy Rebate Fund which is based in Grand Junction. They were our top complain getter last year, this year we believe that more consumer have become aware that they have been defrauded by this rebate company,” says Attorney General Spokesman Mike Saccone.

Officials are still trying to get funds from that company to compensate those who were scammed.  A couple of reasons are being cited for the steady number of increased complaints over the last several years.

“Number one, we’ve been doing a lot more aggressive outreach to consumers, so it is possible that the increase is due in part to consumers being more aware of whom they need to complain to, specifically us.  Also, we made it easier for people to complain via our website,” says Saccone.

Other top complaints last year include those against utility companies such as cable and satellite television providers and consumer finance and loan companies. This week is National Consumer Protection Week. 

Consumers can file complaints online at:


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