Mon December 27, 2010
The Two-Way

Report: Apple Boosting iPhone Shipments; 6M May Be Verizon-Compatible

Time for some reading of the tech tea leaves.

A story today from DigiTimes has renewed talk that Apple's iPhone may soon be available on Verizon. It writes that "sources with Taiwan-based component suppliers" say Apple now plans to ship between 20 and 21 million iPhones in first-quarter 2011, up from an earlier goal of 19 million, and that 5 to 6 million of the units will be "CDMA iPhones."

Forbes and many other media outlets have jumped on the story as a sign that the much-anticipated Verizon version of the iPhone is coming soon. That's because CDMA, as CNET News reminds us, is what Verizon's network runs on.

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