Thu November 22, 2012

Report Points to New Reasons to Drink Organic Milk

As consumer demand for organic milk continues to rise in Colorado and across the country, a new report indicates the product may offer more than just health benefits.

Analysis from the Boston-based nonprofit advocacy group Union of Concerned Scientists shows organic dairies may be supporting more jobs in local economies compared to conventional dairies.

The organization analyzed financial data from organic dairies in Vermont and Minnesota.  Agriculture Economist Jeffrey O’Hara with the group explains increased sales in those states led to greater economic impacts when compared with the same sale levels from conventional dairies.

“We think it’s an important message, and farm policy needs to be able to support those types of farms as well,” he said. “We shouldn’t think about dairy production as one way of doing it.”

The report comes as Congress is determining whether to pass the Farm Bill or let it expire.

Organic dairy farmers have been struggling to keep up with demand for their product this year due to rising input costs on supplies like feed and hay.