Mon July 1, 2013

Risk For Significant Wildfires Increases Across Southwest Colorado

While the West Fork Complex continues to burn in Southwest Colorado, the National Interagency Fire Center says the wildland fire potential will continue to increase there through the month of July.

The report, issued monthly by the Boise, Idaho based fire center’s Predictive Services, says parts of southern California, southern Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado will continue to see ‘extremely dry conditions.’ That will continue to increase the risk of significant wildfires.

With changing weather patterns in August through October, Colorado’s fire risk should return to a ‘normal’ potential for significant wildland fires.

The reason? Predictive Services say forecasts are calling for a near normal timing of Colorado’s monsoon season which could bring an end, or at least a pause, to the state’s fire season.

In 2012, Colorado’s fire season stretched into December with the recently extinguished Fern Lake Fire.

It remains possible however that short term conditions could fuel small fire outbreaks across the region through the rest of the summer.