Tue February 5, 2013

Romanoff To Run In 6th CD

Sixth District Congressman Mike Coffman (R) already has a Democratic challenger for his reelection bid in 2014. Former statehouse speaker and one time Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff officially entered the race over the weekend.

It was thought that Andrew Romanoff would run for this seat during the 2012 election after the district boundaries were redrawn, making it less of a Republican stronghold. KUNC’s Brian Larson asked Colorado Statesman Publisher Jody Hope Strogoff about Romanoff’s decision.

Interview Highlights

On starting early his 2014 campaign now…

“Romanoff was very popular and a lot of people liked him, but one of the problems they had with him [in possibly running in 2012] was that he was so indecisive about his political plans. He waited for weeks and months and deliberated and thought about things and by the time he decided months had passed and other candidates had gotten into the race. So I think this is kind of a new, mature Andrew Romanoff a least in terms of his decision making ability.”

About Democrats wanting to take the seat from Mike Coffman…

“Nationally the Democrats are pretty keen on the fact that they can take this seat. Just last week for instance their House majority PAC announced that Coffman was one of ten of the most vulnerable Republican’s in the country in 2014. They called him a “tea partier” like Michelle Bachman and they said the Republican incumbents like Coffman should be shaking in their boots. They also pledge to spend a lot of money on these ten races in particular including this CD 6 race.”

And the Republican Response to Romanoff’s entry into the race…

“The National Republican Campaign Committee issued a statement dissing Romanoff – he doesn’t even live in the district they pointed out – which by the way is not necessary to run for Congress. They also said that Coffman is very strong on the economy and that they look forward to his continued representation. Democrats say we’ll see.”