Wed May 9, 2012
Presidential Campaign

Romney Campaigns In Colorado [Updated]

Mitt Romney will be making 2 campaign stops today. The first in Fort Lupton, at K.P. Kauffman Company and the second in Oklahoma City, OK.

Update 10:06am:

Update 10:00am: Romney hits on a big Colorado issue in his speech, says fracking should be regulated at state level, not by Feds.

Update 9:53am: From Kirk Siegler - Romney: decline in unemployment isn't due to job creation but people falling out of workforce.

Update 9:46am: The Romney motorcade has just arrived at the campaign site.

Update 9:30am: Just a reminder that @KirkSiegler is on site, you can follow him on Twitter for updates.

Update 9:27am: A live video feed of Romney's speech is available via 9News

Romney's visit to Northern Colorado today marks his return to the state after his loss on caucus night to Rick Santorum. Santorum has since left the primary race, and now Romney is trying to shore up his support amongst the GOP base as the campaign focuses on President Obama and the general election.

Today's stop at K.P. Kauffman Company, a well service company, is only half of the campaigning today and occurs early. Speaking at 9:30am before jetting off to Oklahoma to speak at 3:20pm Central. For the curious, the flight distance between Fort Lupton and Oklahoma City is 511 miles.

Kirk Siegler reports this morning:

"Mitt Romney is coming to a part of the country, and specifically a part of Colorado, where oil and gas drilling is a huge part of the economy as Republicans try to continue to take shots at Mr. Obama and his energy policies.  And interestingly, Mr. Romney’s visit to Colorado comes just one day after the Obama Administration dispatched Interior Sec. Ken Salazar to announce what’s really a sweeping natural gas drilling plan for public lands."

You can follow Kirk Siegler on Twitter, @KirkSiegler, he'll be live at the event today. Updates here as well.