Mon June 20, 2011
Wait Wait ... Don't Tell Me!

Sandwich Monday: A Spamwich For Women

Starting today in Japan, Burger King will offer a new sandwich with the slogan "What Women Want, Women Get." What Women Want, apparently, is a tiny cheeseburger with Spam instead of burger. Burger King describes the sandwich as, enticingly, "suitable for women." We made our own.

Ian: Our slogan should be "What We Don't Want, We Get Anyway."

Mike: Is this Hello Kitty meat?

Mike: Why is this for women? Because it's pink?

Eva: This sandwich is really emotional. You'd know that, if you ever thought to ask.

Peter: Spam feels empathy for other meat products. "I know, I know. But at least you're not me."

Ian: Spam just doesn't sound feminine. "Spamela," though, that's a girl's name.

Ian: I realized this morning, buying Spam is what the Self-Checkout Lanes were made for. But I think even the robot was judging me.

Amy: You're also free to use the Self-Loathing Lane.

Mike: You know it was the 19th Amendment that finally gave women the right to Spam.

Ian: Yeah, this sandwich really puts the Suffr in Suffrage.

[The verdict: not as bad as you'd expect. As we've found in the past, each fast food franchise has its own distinct flavor, and the "Burger King Flavor" overwhelmed the spam. We still don't know why it's especially suitable for women, so if you've got a guess, let us know.]

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