Mon August 6, 2012
Lecture Series

Seminars At Steamboat: John Pomfret

  • John Pomfret - Insights from a China Watcher

Celebrating 10 years of engaging discussions on important public policy issues, KUNC broadcast the second in our lecture series. On Sunday, John Pomfret's lecture was titled Insights from a China watcher.

About The Speaker

Mr. Pomfret is an award-winning journalist with The Washington Post who spent seven years covering China. He’s also covered wars in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Congo, Sri Lanka, and Iraq. According to a short biography as his website "In 1980, he was one of the first American students to go to China and study at Nanjing University."

Currently he serves as editor of the Post’s commentary section. His last opinion piece for the Washington Post was U.S. & China: Regularly disappointing each other, from May 3rd. It followed in the Chen Guangcheng saga.


The Seminars at Steamboat are free to the public to attend and you can learn more about the series and lectures at their website. Here is the remaining broadcast schedule for the seminars as it airs on KUNC:

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  • Autgust 19th, 2012 - Richard W. Murray, Ph.D. - The Presidential Race: Polls, Swing States and More

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