Thu May 3, 2012

Senator Bennet Continues Fight for Wind Energy Tax Extension

Colorado Senator Michael Bennet is renewing his push for an extension of the wind energy tax credit as one of Colorado’s largest turbine makers contemplates layoffs.

Vestas says it may have to cut 16-hundred U-S employees after first-quarter earnings were down by almost 214 million dollars compared to last year.

The American Wind Energy Association is also predicting that some 37-thousand jobs could be lost nationwide as a result of the credit going away. It’s a point that Senator Bennet addressed this week when speaking to Fox News.

“It’s not a philosophical discussion about green energy or anything…this is about jobs that we may lose in Colorado if we don’t get this passed,” Bennet says.

Bennett says the wind energy tax credit does have bipartisan support, but Congress has yet to act on the extension. The credit is set to expire at the end of the year.