Tue May 29, 2012

Singer With a Big Worldly Heart

Does a worldly background give you greater empathy for others? We caught up recently with New York folk-world singer Eleanor Dubinsky, who has a multicultural background.

We were impressed by her sense of mission as an artist, and we couldn't help swaying to her music!

Last month in Hollywood, thousands attended the annual meeting of ASCAP; The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers. New York singer Eleanor Dubinsky won The Sennheiser Recording Contest there.

That’s no surprise. Dubinsky, now with a silky, sultry voice -- started the cello at age 3, toured France as a teen, once loved an Argentine boyfriend, and even picked-up Czech and some Portuguese along the way. All of which surely qualifies her as a worldly soul with a caring artistic heart just as big.

Eleanor Dubinsky's indie 2011 album, Touch the Sky, received fine reviews. Her latest songs are "Listen to the Music," "Como Los Viejos," and The Sennheiser Recording Contest winner, "Wait for You."

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