Sat October 20, 2012
The Spotlight: Music

The Spotlight: Here's The Thing With Alec Baldwin & Billy Joel

On episode 21 of Alec Baldwin's interview series, Here’s the Thing, Alec sits down with fellow Long Islander Billy Joel – at the piano – for a conversation about life and the musical choices he’s made.

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Joel joined his first band at age 14 and became the third best selling solo artist of all time in the United States. He’s sold more records than The Stones, Bruce Springsteen and Madonna, but at this point, he says, the “rock star thing” is something he can “take off.” “I go shopping, I cook my own food, I wash the dishes, I take out the garbage … And the music has nothing to do with money or career. It’s just part of me. It’s like love.”

Interview Transcript [WNYC website]

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