Sat December 15, 2012
The Spotlight: Christmas

The Spotlight: Reclaiming the Holidays

Join us as we explores other ways of showing our affection to the people we care about, from handmade gifts, to “coupons” for personal favors, to giving charity in their name.

Lifting our holiday celebration from the orgy of merchandising, we may deepen the quality of family connection at this special time of year. It also may bring us closer to the original intent and meaning of these festive occasions.

Profiles of people from different backgrounds who seek to get past the consumer frenzy of the December holidays, and to focus more on authentic family connection and giving charity in the spirit of the season. Interviewees include Annie Leonard, whose environmental film The Story of Stuff attracted over 10 million online viewers.

You can learn more about Humankind and this special at humanmedia.org.

This program originally aired on Saturday, December 15th.


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