Wed June 8, 2011

State Education Board Receives Draft Rules for Educator Effectiveness

The Colorado Board of Education is receiving draft rules for a new statewide educator effectiveness evaluation system. 

The push to come up with a means of evaluating teachers and administrators was mandated in 2010 by Senate Bill 10-191. 

“There is a lack of objective measurement data and procedures on which to base and evaluation and assessment of performance of public school teachers,” says Education Board Chair Bob Schaffer.

The State Council for Educator Effectiveness has been working to develop the system – and in April gave recommendations to the education board.  At its monthly meeting on Wednesday, the board will get draft rules, which were developed using those recommendations.  Those will be reviewed by officials and public comment will also be taken.

“There’s opportunity for public comment at the regular monthly Board of Education meetings and throughout the summer and into the fall, the Department of Education will be holding a number of field hearings,” says Schaffer.

When it’s all said and done, the goal is to have in place a plan to develop, implement and assess the educator effectiveness evaluation system.  Final rules are expected to be approved in the fall.

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