Wed October 3, 2012
Presidential Debate

Tonight Is Debate Night In Denver

Just when it seems the glare of national attention is getting its brightest, the night is finally here. Wednesday is the first Presidential Debate of the election, starting around 7 p.m. at the University of Denver.

All week long while the media was speculating on what the debates will mean for the broader election, Denver has been bracing for both the excitement of hosting the event and the effects of hosting the event.

Notably the traffic.

A six mile section of the main thoroughfare in Denver, I-25 will be shutdown tonight starting at 5 p.m. Emily Boyer has more on the alternate routes (and a map - you'll need it), but Denver has been talking about our own local version of 'carmageddon'. We're already seeing tweets this morning of people just staying at home to avoid the perceived hassle.

It's not just the traffic, there are other hazards of holding a national event in your town. Sometimes, your schedule isn't respected as much, especially at 5:53 a.m..

KUNC will have live coverage of the debate starting tonight at 7 p.m. both on the radio and online at KUNC.org, we'll also have a live debate 'pre-game' show from WNYC starting at 6 p.m.. You can join in the national call-in show by calling 800-543-2543.

We'll be following the debate excitement all day, although it will be tough to top this one for the locals. The appropriately named @QueenOfTacos tweeted this last night:

Maybe it's not too late to move this to Casa Bonita.